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Leite Mendes Lda. has in-house capabilities and also established strategic partnerships in order to offer a turnkey project to its customers.

We can design the customer piece in 3D, undertake an exhaustive study and carry out consulting services of the design, programming, mold production, polishing, laser engraving, matte finishing, texturizing and to apply a teflon-like finishing of the mold.

If the customers wishes a single intermediary in the transaction, we can handle everything, budgeting not only the moulds, but also the moulds resulting parts.

3D Technical drawing
Automotive rubber part 3D drawing
Houseware cork piece 3D drawing
Mini skate plastic wheel 3D drawing
Other Services Available
Mold Polishing
Bright Effect
Teflon-like Molds
Anti-Adhesion Coating
Mold Fitting
Matte Effect