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We design and manufacture moulds to various business areas and several industry types for subsequent pieces production.

We manufacture moulds to automotive industry parts, road and rail infrastructures, electronics components, packaging, household appliances, houseware, toys, footwear and fashion accessories production among other business fields.

We develop a wide range of diversified moulds types, regarding production mechanisms and processes, such as injection moulds, compression moulds, open casting and casting transfer moulding for cork, rubber, plastic pieces production and also food silicone tins production.


Molds for plastic part

Moulds Portugal Leite Mendes Lda 1
Plastic clothes hangers

Molds for Cork Parts

Moulds Portugal Leite Mendes Lda 2
Wall Plates in Cork

Molds for Rubber Parts

Moulds Portugal Leite Mendes Lda 3
Rubber Protection Bellows

Molds for Silicone Parts

Moulds Portugal Leite Mendes Lda 4
Silicone Food Forms