Moulds for rubber, cork and plastic industries. CNC machining service and series production, dies, tools and die making.

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About Leite Mendes Lda.

Moldes Indústria de Borracha Cortiça e Plástico desde 1980 Leite Mendes Lda 1
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Leite Mendes Lda is a small-scale enterprise engaged in the production of molds for the rubber and plastics industry, as well as stamping and cutting (die and cutting) tools, among other machining services (turning, milling of parts by order and etc.).

We are manufacturers of moulds for subsequent pieces production for various types of businesses areas. Our current market segments are automotive industry, road and rail infrastructures, electronics, household appliances, packaging, houseware, toys, footwear and fashion accessories among other business fields.

This company was founded in 1980 by Antero José Leite Mendes, in 2015 passed generation to the now in charge José Miguel Ferreira Mendes and today it is headquartered in Maia, Porto District.

At the beginning of the activity the company started with one worker. Currently the company is made up of three partners and five workers, always in continuous growth to better serve our customers.
Automotive Industry
Footwear and Fashion Accessories
Toys and Leisure Articles
Public Transports
Rail Infrastructures
Houseware and Domestic Utilities
Road Infrastructures
Electronics and Household Appliances
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Our Mission

“Ensuring the quality of the molds, knowing in depth the needs of our customer and respecting the deadlines is our mission.”

Our Vision

"To be recognized as the ideal partner for designing molds for eco-sustainable materials."